All Natural Sides of Beef for Sale, Berea, Ohio

All Natural Sides of Beef for Sale, Berea, Ohio

Circle L Ranch in Burbank, Ohio is approximately 40 minutes South of Berea, Ohio.

Berea, Ohio, is a quaint and picturesque city nestled in Cuyahoga County, in the northeastern part of the state. Known for its rich history and vibrant community, Berea offers a delightful blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. The city is famous for being the home of Baldwin Wallace University, which adds an energetic and academic vibe to the area.

Berea's historic downtown exudes a welcoming atmosphere, with a variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural venues that cater to residents and visitors alike. The city takes pride in its commitment to the arts and hosts numerous events and festivals that showcase local talents and traditions. The nearby picturesque parks and green spaces provide a peaceful retreat for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Berea is well-connected with easy access to major highways, making it a convenient location to explore nearby attractions and cities. With its strong community spirit, friendly neighborhoods, and diverse offerings, Berea is a captivating place to call home for those seeking a charming and fulfilling lifestyle.

We are delighted to offer our all natural beef products to Berea, Ohio and surrounding areas. Our beef lineup includes:

At Circle L Ranch, our focus is delivering quality beef products to our valued customers. We take pride in offering a diverse range of options, including 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and Whole sizes. With over 300 cattle under our care, we ensure they thrive in open pastures with ample room to roam, graze, and access pristine water sources. To gain a deeper understanding of our ranch, we invite you to watch our video and article titled "Get To Know Circle L Ranch," offering you an aerial tour of our working ranch.

There is a lot to consider when buying a side of beef, read our articles "Buying A Side Of Beef, What You Need To Know" where we discuss advantages to buying a beef side, as well as tips and guidelines for freezer beef storage and our article “What You Should Look For When Buying Beef” for tips on what makes a great side of beef.

All Natural Beef Products for Sale, Berea, Ohio

Circle L Ranch, offering farm-to-table all natural beef products for sale, just as sold at the Circle L Steakhouse at the Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio. You can place an online order directly on our website or give us a call at 330.336.6684.

We offer delivery services on qualifying orders to Berea, Ohio, or you may pick up at:

Circle L Limousin & Land Co., Inc.
4306 West Sterling Road
Burbank, Ohio 44124
Ph: 330.336.6684