Our Story

From our ranch to your table

The rolling hills of Ohio’s Wayne County are home to Circle L Limousin Ranch, where for forty years the Leatherman family has raised championship cattle, a registered breed of Limousin-Angus cross-bred for naturally leaner and excellent tasting all natural beef. Native to southern France, the Limousin heritage breed is known for better natural beef. Lim-Flex cattle at Circle L are raised in a natural way: fed with hay, forages and fresh clean water and free of antibiotics and added hormones.

It’s farm-to-table all natural beef, just as sold at the Circle L Steakhouse at the Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio.

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Our History

Circle L Limousin has been producing quality Limousin seedstock for over 30 years. Bob & Phyllis Leatherman purchased the Charles Yost farm in 1981, which was known for raising the Limousin breed. A few of those Limousin animals were purchased as the original Circle L Limousin herd. Much has changed since that first set of cattle and the herd now includes purebred and commercial Angus in addition to Limousin.

The farm includes a sale facility that has been used over the years to hold numerous production sales. Circle L has been active in showing cattle over the years and has enjoyed a long show history of champion titles at both the local and national level.

The farm continues to operate in the seedstock business as well as producing all natural beef products.