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Fresh Vs. Frozen All Natural Beef

May 1st, 2019

which is better: fresh or frozen all natural beef?

When it comes to all natural beef products there is an ongoing debate that asks the question, "Which is better: Fresh or Frozen all natural beef?"

Here at Circle L Ranch, our experience has been that there is no difference in the quality of the beef. We've tried blind taste tests and our chefs have cooked our natural beef many different ways. Whether fresh or frozen, the beef tastes and looks exactly the same! In fact, our frozen all natural beef products may be better because they are packaged and frozen immediately as compared to fresh, conventionally marketed beef that goes through an aging process during handling and delivery. However, there is a perceived difference. Many advertisers out there claim fresh beef, never frozen is better. But that's marketing!

And the winner is: frozen beef!

Without a doubt, we feel frozen beef is the winner! Consider the following:

  • The fact is you don't have to worry about spoilage and frozen beef is simply easier to handle, and you can buy the beef in bulk and save it for the future.
  • How many times have you purchased fresh beef items only to throw it in the freezer when you don't use it immediately?
  • It's all about convenience today and when you think about no downside in losing quality, frozen all natural beef is the way to go!

We've been doing this for years and it just WORKS.

Circle L Ranch has been providing all natural beef products from our award winning Limousin cattle for over 40 years.

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